| Rolf Heine

Leadership questions and forms of working in the anthroposophic medical movement

Rudolf Steiner is known around the world as an author, speaker and the creator of anthroposophy, yet few are aware of him as an inaugurator of new ways of working together. As a result, questions of management and leadership are especially challenging also in institutions that work out of anthroposophy. Here the model for forms of collaboration created by Steiner in 1923/24 can serve as an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Using this social concept as an orientation, the authors show how the social framework of the anthroposophic-medical movement has evolved and stood the test of time since 1988. A “leadership style with heart” was needed that could unite the principles of individual responsibility, collegial leadership and democratic codetermination. This led to an understanding of leadership that can constructively complement the necessities of today’s workplace thanks to the peace-endowing principles of spiritual leadership.

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